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Season Seven originally aired between 2003 and 2004. It began in 2003 on September 17th and the first half ended on October 29th. The second half began in 2004 on March 10 and ended on April 28th.

This season contains 15 episodes and is the final season until Season Eighteen to contain more than 14 episodes. This season also contains the 100th episode special "Wormhole X-Treme!".

Also, Following his resurrection in "Full Circle" at the end of Season Six, Rob rejoins the series as a main character.


Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
125px "Fallen" September 17, 2003 704 97

The group finds Rob, who seemed to have de-ascended, and has no memories of his past life whatsoever. Meanwhile, Shinnok is now using his superweapon to thwart his enemies and is also made aware of Vis Uban. Melvin and Rob must sneak onboard his mothership to disable the weapon while Zowie and Lance use the Sonic Streaker to penetrate its shield, weakening the ship while Skipper enlists the help of Freyr.

125px "Homecoming" September 24, 2003 702 98

Melvin is captured by Shinnok, where he learns of the location of Langara, and the Naquadria so he can use the element to rebuild his superweapon. Whilst a now-corrupted Shinnok holds the planet prisoner, Skipper is having a hard time convincing Anubis's forces to attack Anubis, so he has his First Prime, Oshu convince Kamek to join in.

125px "Toilet Paper" October 1, 2003 703 99

Lance feels guilty after he and the others TP their art teacher's house.

125px "Wormhole X-Treme!" October 8, 2003 701 100

The kids watches a television commercial about a new sci-fi show called "Wormhole X-Treme!", which has very similar attributes to the Groundbridge program. While Puff investigates, he learns that Martin Lloyd pitched the idea of the show to the studio.

125px "Hiccup Power" October 15, 2003 705 101

A new student suffering from bipolar disorder in school gets major publicity, which angers Toad, who investigates the situation.

125px "Christian Rock Hard" October 22, 2003 706 102

Rob, Tobias, and Melvin form a Christian music band. Puff, Lance, and Zowie learn about downloading free music off the Internet.

125px "Peter Mandelson's Holiday" October 29, 2003 707 103

Zowie and Lance accompany their commanding officer Peter Mandelson on his holiday, which concludes with disastrous results.

125px "Red Sky" March 10, 2004 708 104

A mission to K'tau causes the planet's sun to die out, after the wormhole traveled through it, causing it to be unstable. The Asgard, who protect the planet, aren't allowed to intervene; so the Tau'ri are forced to help them themselves. Unfortunately, some of the natives won't allow it.

Jg709 "Driving School for Idiots" March 17, 2004 709 105

Rob gets a scholarship at a new driving academy, and gets more than what he bargained for when he gets his own Reliant Robin.

125px "Between Two Fires" March 24, 2004 710 106

The Tollans are suddenly willing to give away their Ion cannons to the Tau'ri to protect Earth. Omoc died, and Narim believes he was murdered, a crime which has not been committed on Tollana for several years. The SBC comes to the conclusion that those two events are connected somehow, and a conspiracy is brewing.

Jg711 "EOS" March 31, 2004 711 107

A series of cascading equipment failures leads Paul to realise that rogue A.I. has gained control of SkyLab. The programme is sending false monitor images to Stamford Gate GCC to deceive the other students. Paul finally gets through to Mr. Mandelson and informs him of the situation. Once his colleagues figure out what is going on, Clyde is despatched in the Sonic Streaker to rescue Paul.

125px "Paradise Lost" April 7, 2004 712 108

Harold Maybourne leads the team to an arch on another planet, where he transports himself to "paradise". Unfortunately, Puff is also stuck with him. It falls to Lance, Zowie and Rob to save them, that is if Maybourne and Puff don't kill each other first after they both fall victim to paranoia.

125px "All About Mormons" April 14, 2004 713 109

Puff befriends a boy and his family, who are all Mormons.

125px "Inauguration" April 21, 2004 714 110

Henry Hayes has been elected as State Senator for Ohio. There, Robert Kinsey, the newly-inagurated Vice President once again plans on stopping the Groundbridge Program, and enlists the help of U.S.A.F Major Roger Donovan, who discovers Kinsey's true intentions.

125px "Strip Strangler" April 28, 2004 715 111

Rob catches a stranger littering and turns him in to the police. It is revealed that it is the "Strip-Strangler", a criminal who promises to strangle anyone who reports on him and his crimes. The Strangler escapes custody, so Rob finds a bodyguard to protect him. The Strangler disguises himself as Rob's bodyguard, all along seeking for a moment to strangle him.

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