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Season Four of The Jumping Ground began on August 23, 2000. It contained seventeen episodes where the first half aired during the fall and the second half airing in spring. It ended on April 18, 2001.


Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
125px "Small Victories" August 23, 2000 402 49

The lone replicator on Earth begins to run amok; Zowie and Lance team up with Thor to defend the Asgard homeworld from the coming Replicator army.

125px "The Tooth Fairy Tats" August 30, 2000 401 50

The kids plan to get rich off of a scheme involving the tooth fairy.

125px "Life of Crime" September 6, 2000 404 51

Rob is imprisoned after committing a hate crime against Tobias (hitting him with a stone).

125px "Timmy Goes Large" September 13, 2000 403 52

All the kids at The Langham get mistakenly diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD). Timmy joins a rock band.

125px "Quintriplets" September 20, 2000 406 53

A family of quintuplets attracts media.

125px "Chef Goes Nanners" September 27, 2000 407 54

Chef is at odds with the town over the Pencaster flag.

125px "Toad Sanderson Industries" October 4, 2000 408 55

Toad reveals his arms/drug business to his colleagues, and sets out to promote it by doing battle with a rival gang.

125px "Waterbridge" October 11, 2000 409 56

After discovering The Langham's Groundbridge, the Russians turn to the students for help.

125px "The First Ones" October 18, 2000 410 57

Lance is captured and taken prisoner by an Unas later to be known as Chaka on P3X-888. While he learns more about the Unas, the rest of SG-1 and the other SGC teams plan a rescue operation. However, Teal'c stops them, after he senses that one of the team members has been taken host by a Goa'uld.

125px "Beneath the Surface" February 21, 2001 411 58

Puff and his friends are somehow working as miners on the ice-age ridden planet of P3R-118, and are known as Thera, Karlan, Jonah and Tor respectively. Meanwhile, the SG teams are searching all over the ice covered planet for any signs of SG-1, who have gone missing.

125px "The Secret Serum" February 28, 2001 412 59

After Skipper's symbiote is somehow corrupted, he returns to Cimmeria to seek a man known to create symbiotes.

125px "Trapper Keeper" March 7, 2001 413 60

A man from the future wants Rob's trapper keeper; The kindergarten class holds an election with confusing results.

125px "All at Sea" March 14, 2001 414 61

Lance wishes to travel to the horizon, but after helping an injured workman he changes his mind.

125px "The Light" March 21, 2001 405 62

Following a routine mission to P4X-347, the kids find themselves transfixed by a beautiful, yet very addictive light.

125px "Point of No Return" March 28, 2001 415 63

The Kids join forces with the Tok'ra in a final attempt to rid the universe of their mutual Goa'uld nemesis, Shinnok. But their plan goes awry when the dark lord slays a majority of the students, and they find themselves in the weakest shape against their most powerful and feared enemy.

125px "Fat Camp" April 11, 2001 416 64

Rob is sent to a weight loss camp; Lance is paid to do numerous stunts.

125px "Mind that Bike!" April 18, 2001 417 65

Tom Tipper the mailman is unhappy when his mail van is replaced by a bicycle, but Zowie helps him out, not in the way he intended.

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