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Season Five of The Jumping Ground began on August 29, 2001. It contained fourteen episodes where the first half aired during the fall and the second half airing near spring. It finished on March 20, 2002. The third episode was also postponed three weeks than planned because of the 9/11 attacks.

The season is the last season to air the kids on their trip to school until it was replaced with a country-style opening with new animation in Season Six. The season features the premier of two new characters, Jimmy Swanson and Mimey. The season also features the "permanent" death of Rob Broflovski and the preparation of Melvin Sneedly becoming a major character.

This was the final season of the show to be broadcast on Showtime, which cancelled the series after five seasons. The show was eventually picked up by Cartoon Network and has continued to air on that channel ever since.


Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
125px "It Hits the Fan" August 29, 2001 502 66

The boys and Chef must stop the world from chanting the curse word "shit" because when spoken it causes people to "puke their own guts out".

125px "Cripple Fight!" September 5, 2001 503 67

Uncle Jimbo becomes the boys' scoutmaster and a fight ensues between two handicapped children, Jimmy Swanson and Timmy.

125px "Scott Tenorman Must Die" September 26, 2001 504 68

Rob repeatedly tries to take revenge on an 8th/9th grader who keeps making fun of him.

125px "Thomas and Peter: Behind the Blow" October 3, 2001 501 69

The kids try to reunite Thomas and Peter who are feuding so they can perform at an Harvest Festival assembly.

125px "Rite of Passage" October 10, 2001 505 70

On the eve of Dr. Janet Fraiser turning sixteen years old, she collapses and is left gravely ill. Rob investigates and soon discovers that the Goa'uld, Nirrti is responsible for Dr. Frasier's current condition.

125px "Prototype" October 17, 2001 506 71

The team discovers that Shinnok left behind a mutant human, Khalek, with both his genetic memories and the potential to ascend. Even after Zowie warns of the incredible danger keeping Khalek alive poses, an IOC representative insists studying him could give Stamford Gate valuable information in their fight against the equally advanced Priors.

125px "Mimey" October 24, 2001 507 72

In order to get their video game console back, the kids must bring a Goa'uld-based mime artist to the government.

Jg508 "48 Hours" February 6, 2002 508 73

During a near-fatal pursuit by the Goa'uld gliders, Skipper fails to make it through the Groundbridge before it is destroyed. Now Puff and the team has only 48 hours to reestablish Skipper's energy signature from the temporary memory of the Groundbridge before it's erased.

125px "The Fifth Man" February 13, 2002 509 74

The team is forced to abandon Puff and the mission's fifth advocate, Tyler. However, before they can reinforce themselves, they are stopped and pulled off duty, since SpaceBridge Command has no recollection of Tyler. Meanwhile, Puff and "Tyler" hide from Jaffa patrols.

125px "Desperate Measures" February 20, 2002 510 75

Zowie is abducted by a reclusive billionaire who wants to perform medical experiments on her using a deadly alien life form, in hopes of finding a cure to his own life-threatening disease.

125px "The Entity" February 27, 2002 511 76

Lance's cousin, who is also named Lance, comes to stay in Pencaster; Mr. Brown, tired of the airlines, decides to invent his own vehicle.

125px "Toad Stands By" March 6, 2002 512 77

Toad becomes paranoid when a new student arrives at Stamford Gate, also called Toad, might be taking his position in the class.

125px "Meridian" March 13, 2002 513 78

Rob returns from an off-world diplomatic mission, stricken with radiation poisoning and accused of sabotage by the host government. As Rob fights for his life, slowly succumbing to the poison ravaging his body, His comrades struggle to learn the truth of what really happened to him back on the planet.

Jg514 "Revelations" March 20, 2002 514 79

Still dealing with the death of one of their own, The team must put its mourning aside in order to confront the warlord Anubis—who has captured the Asgard leader Thor so he can extract the secrets of their ancient technology for universal domination.

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