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"You know, if there's one goddamn thing I have learned, it's that we must obey the rules of the game."
"Yeah, what kind of game?"
"You know, the dance-off to save the universe, you idiot! and best of all, we can pick it, or even change the rules, if you like.
―Rob and Lance Patrick[src]

Roberto "Rob" Broflovski, is one of the main characters, along with PuffPuff Humbert, Lance Patrick, and Zowie Hosker. Rob is sometimes the main antagonist of an episode, for example Ginger Kids or Trapper Keeper. None of the other three main children consider Rob their friend and do not know why they started hanging out with him in the first place. He is usually close friends with Toad Sanderson, but in later seasons, Melvin Sneedly is depicted as such.



Concept and Creation

Criminal Record


Manipulation and Leadership Ability



Antisemitism and Other Forms of Bigotry




Ever since Rob's voice has changed, he has a peculiar, geographically indeterminable accent, with odd pronunciations of certain words and names which has shown to be a dominant trait in the extended Broflovski family. Aside from the sheer volume of expletives in his dialog, he also uses words in different (and often grammatically incorrect) context. Some examples of this are: instead of saying 'I'm serious" he will say "I'm seriously", instead of saying "here" he will say "heahre", and instead of saying "respect my authority", he'll say "respect mah authoritah." This became a well-known catchphrase of the show.

  • Lance - Leence / Liance
  • Zowie - Zewie
  • Mom - Meom / Meem / Mium
  • Cool - Kewl
  • School - Schewl
  • Coon - Cyoon / Cyune
  • My- Mah/ Miah/ Mio
  • Authority- Authoritah
  • Here- Hyah




Physical Confrontations

Miscellaneous Mannerisms


Rob is quite possibly morbidly obese. In "1%", it it is revealed that he is so unhealthy that he single handedly made the school's average on the Presidential Fitness Test the lowest in the entire country, despite the fact that all of the other students scored average on the test.


Mental Health


Sexual Abuse


  • Electronic Mastery: Rob is shown in "T.M.I." to send a message to an anger management psychologist's wife in mere minutes, making it look like a police report; Rob had to find the location / number of The Psychologist in order to send the message. Rob is also shown to type very fast, as he wrote apparent emails about a teenage girl having a sexual affair with The Psychologist.
  • Multilingualism
  • Musician
  • Photographer
  • Driving
  • Sports
  • Weapon Profiency
  • Cook




  • Rachel Broflovski
  • Scott Tenorman



  • Lance Patrick - The rivalry between Rob and Lance has been a recurring theme from the beginning, but has become significantly stronger since Season Four. Rob appears to have a very strong hatred for Lance, and shows that he has no tolerance for Lance's Jewish faith. Lance hates him in turn. However, neither one of them seems to realize the effects of their almost poisonous relationship, and continue to live in close contact with each other. Lance is often put in the shoes of the protagonist to Rob's antagonist. The two of them often have arguments about morals, like in "Up the Down Steroid", where Rob decides to pretend to be mentally handicapped so he can win the "Special Olympics". Rob also has attempted to murder Lance more than once, the most significant incident being in a scene from "Toilet Paper" in which he lures Lance into going rowing with him to the middle of Stark's Pond, and then, when Rob's back is turned, attempts to bludgeon him to death with a wiffle bat, without comprehending the stupidity of the plan. When he learns someone has confessed to the crime he, Lance, Puff and Zowie had committed, thus eliminating the need to kill Lance who was going to confess himself, Rob asks Puff (in his usual trademark-pathetic way) if he can still kill Lance. Rob tries to murder Rob again in "Fatbeard". However, in "Smug Alert!", Rob saves Lance and his family when a large storm is about to go towards their house in San Francisco. Rob finds Melvin as too boring a nemesis since he will simply accept anything Rob directs at him, and realizes that in order to have someone with which to argue incessantly again he must get Lance back. At the end of the episode he hides the fact that he was the savior of Lance's whole family, opting to insult Lance again instead; Lance replies angrily and storms off, to Rob's satisfaction. In the episode "Le Petit Tourette" when Lance (unintentionally) saves Rob from shouting out all his secrets on Dateline (Cartman had originally intended to use fake Tourette's so as to deliver a hate-speech against Jews), Rob hugs Lance and thanks him, even saying "I love you, man." In the episode "Prehistoric Octo-Bird", when Lance falls into a cavern and asks from the bottom, "Is Rob there?" he responds with a sincere "I'm here, Lance!". Of course this only occurs after Rob suggests they leave Lance for dead and continue to their search for crocodiles.


Television series

The Jumping Ground

As a main character, Rob appears in all episodes, except the following:

  • Season Six
    • All of the season up until "Full Circle"
  • Season Seven
    • "Peter Mandelson's Holiday"
    • "Inauguration" (flashbacks only)
  • Season Ten
    • "Humbert's Cup"
  • Season Eleven
    • "More Crap"
  • Season Thirteen
    • "Deadman Switch"
  • Season Seventeen
    • "Full Alert"
  • Season Eighteen
    • "Handicar"
    • "Rich Preachers"
  • Season Twenty-One
    • "My Week with the President, Part 1"


Video Games



  • In the episode "No Free Rides", Rob's identity card is shown with a tag that reads:
R. Broflovski
21662 Guillimore Road
Pencaster, OH
Archen | Attractor | Boomer | Bouncer | Clyde Donovan | Colin and Felix | Daryl Johns | Dino-Rang | Doghan Daugis | Douglas Alexander | Drill Sergeant | Hellucard | Harold J. Paxton | Jenny Simon | Jet-Vac | Jimmy Swanson | Kabal | Kindergartners | Lance Patrick | Lucy Powell | Luis Fernando Lopez | Masami Yashida | MC Ballyhoo | Melvin Sneedly | Mitch Conner | Paul Callaghan | Pop Fizz | PuffPuff Humbert | Rob Broflovski | Scott Malkinson | Shroom Boom | Skipper | Spike Wackowski | Stephen Crabb | Sussie | Timmy Burch | Toad Sanderson | Tobias Wilson | Tweek Tweak | Vision | Wind-Up | Zook | Zowie Hosker
Italic denotes deceased character.

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